About18 Hazari

Athara Hazari (18 Hazari)  is a small town situated on the Jhang-Bakhar Highway within the boundaries of the Jhang District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is about 5 kilometers from the Trimmu Barrage. To the north of the town, the rivers Jhelum and Chenab meet and the water flows down to the Trimmu Barrage.

It is said that when Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi came here he had an army of 18,000 (in Urdu “athara hazar”), hence the name of the village Athara Hazari has a small police station to serve the local region.

Athara Hazari has now become Tehsil. Peer Taj din Welfare Foundation is a social NGO which is working for the developement of the area with the help of their local members. In Athara Hazari, there are several castes, but the most famous are s Mujawar and Chodri, well known in politics. The people of Athara Hazari are hard working, religious and loving A welfare society named Saqi Group is working for the development of area.

People are trying to get a railway line connecting Jhang with Lahore and Bakhar and Dera-Ismail Khan via Atharah Hazari. Also, people want a cricket stadium for sports, an airport and a university (Pir Taj-Din University of Science and Technology Athara Hazari Jhang).

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